Buck Rogers 5

Buck Rogers in the 25th Century

Movie studios weren’t focusing much on science fiction films in the 1970’s. That is, of course, until Star Wars was released in 1977. After that, everything changed. This extended to the realm of television, as well. TV producer Glen A Larson was one of the first to bring Star Wars style sci-fi to the boob…

The Trip 9

The Trip

Everybody knows Jack Nicholson as an Academy Award winning actor, but his talents aren’t just in front of the camera. He does have a handful of writing credits sprinkled throughout his career. One film that I always remember Nicholson had a hand in writing is Head…the 1968 film debut of the made-for-tv band The Monkees.…

Walt_Sent_Me Smaller

Walt Sent Me Episode 53: Saving Mr. Banks

After the last episode of Walt Sent Me, where they talked about Mary Poppins, Kristen and Todd continue on the same theme by discussing the 2013 look behind the scenes, Saving Mr. Banks. They also look at the 1954 short Grand Canyonscope. Download the Show: iTunes Podomatic Your Listen

Gunn 1

Forgotten Filmcast Episode 68: Gunn

On the new episode of the Forgotten Filmcast, Todd is joined by Mark Little from the Tube Tunes podcast to discuss a movie spinoff of a classic TV show. It’s director Blake Edwards’ attempt to bring Peter Gunn to the big screen…1967’s Gunn. Download the Show: iTunes Podomatic Your Listen Show Notes: Tube Tunes Mark…

Jinxed 2


In 1979 Bette Midler took the movie world by storm when she starred in her first film, The Rose. She then appeared in a concert film called Divine Madness the following year. However her third film proved to be a major box office bomb. Suddenly her movie career was in the dumps and it would…

Up the Academy 5

Up the Academy

You’ve heard about Alan Smithee, right? He’s a man with many film directing credits who doesn’t actually exist. For many years, Alan Smithee was the name used for a film’s directing credit when the real director, for one reason or another, wanted to remove his name from the film. The name was discontinued in 2000.…

A Fine Mess 8

A Fine Mess

Director Blake Edwards had a long career in the movies beginning in the late 40’s and extending all the way into the 90’s. But even before he was writing and directing films, he spent a lot of time around film sets. His step-father had been a studio production manager and his step-grandfather had been a…