Forgotten Filmcast Episode 163: Killer Party

On the latest episode of the Forgotten Filmcast Todd is joined by Lisa Leahey from The Siblist to discuss the bizarre 1986 slasher film Killer Party. Rumor has it that this film earned a whopping $900 in its original theatrical run. Download the Show:iTunesPodomatic Show Notes:The SiblistLisa on Twitter Music:"Protofunk" Kevin MacLeod ( under Creative... Continue Reading →

Movie Cereal: Superman – Chapter 5: A Job for Superman

At the end of the last chapter of Superman, The Spider Lady had just offed disgruntled scientist Morgan with her electrified web. Now, she aims to zap the life out of poor Lois Lane. Superman is way back in Metropolis. How will he ever save Lois? Let’s find out in chapter 5 - A Job... Continue Reading →

Split Decisions

There are a handful of actors who I so admire that I will watch anything they appeared in. Gene Hackman is one of those actors. I wouldn’t care if everyone said it was the worst movie ever made, if Gene Hackman is in it, there’s going to be something worth watching. So, that’s why on... Continue Reading →

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