Warner Archive New Releases – November 1, 2011

Here are this week’s new releases from Warner Archive!

– Hollywood Party (1934)
– Honolulu (1939)
– The Affairs of Dobie Gillis (1953)
– Swing Parade of 1946 (1946)
– Ship Ahoy (1942)
– Duchess of Idaho (1950)
– Texas Carnival (1951)
– Skirts Ahoy (1952)
– Good News (1947)
– A Date with Judy (1948)
– Give a Girl a Break (1953)

There are also two collections being released today, the contents of which are a bit unclear. The first is “The Tim Holt Western Classics Collection Vol. 3.” Tim Holt starred in over 40 B-movie westerns from 1949 to 1952. This 5-disc set includes 10 of his films, but the folks at Warner Archive have failed to list which ones.

The other new release today is “The Lost Stooges.” It is narrated by Leonard Maltin and focuses on the early work of The Three Stooges, during their time with Ted Healy. It would appear that this is probably a documentary, but the description offered at the Warner Archive site is unclear as to whether or not this includes the complete films.

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