Connect with Forgotten Films

Well, we’re coming up on six months of doing the Forgotten Films blog. Like anything, it started slow…but, this month especially, things have really been taking off. Every time I see my daily visits go up, even by just one person, it just thrills me.

I want to take a moment to thank a few folks who have definitely shared the love and brought me exposure to a bunch of new people. Research Buzz featured Forgotten Films in a post a few weeks ago which brought a completely unexpected surge.  Then, early this week, Total Film Magazine featured us in an e-mail blast which has also brought us many new visitors.  Thank you both!  I also need to thank the folks at fellow movie blogs like Rupert Pupkin Speaks and Can’t Stop the Movies who have been very supportive.

Now that there are a lot of new readers here, I wanted to share a few other ways you can connect with Forgotten Films…

We have a Facebook page now…Forgotten Films at Facebook, as well as a new page at Google+…Forgotten Films at Google+.  Please become a part of the community at either of those spots.  I really want to try to give some new and interesting content there that is different from the blog.  Of course, you can also follow Forgotten Films at Twitter as well…Forgotten Films at Twitter.

Thank you again for coming to my little corner of the internet.



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