Best Blog Lammy Award Announcement

In the world of movie blogs The LAMB is the Large Association of Movie Blogs.  It’s a great site to visit for links to a huge (and I mean huge) variety of blogs for movie fans.  Forgotten Films has been a member of the LAMB for several months now and I would highly recommend any other movie bloggers out there to become a part of this community.

For the last couple weeks, the LAMB community has been awarding their annual “Lammy” awards.  No I didn’t win any, but I was really honored to be asked by the “Shepherd” of the LAMB, Joel Burman, to use my puppetry skills to announce the big award, “Best Blog.” It seemed only right to use a Lamb puppet to present the award.  So…I wanted to share the video here, now that the official announcement is live on the internet.  I’ve had to keep this info to myself for a week now…gotta let it out!!

Thanks Joel for the opportunity to announce the award!


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