Forgotten Disney Guest Blogger Series

A few weeks ago, Brian Saur of Rupert Pupkin Speaks asked me to be a guest blogger for a series he was doing at his site. I was deeply honored and had a lot of fun doing it. It also hatched in me the idea of doing a guest blogger series here at Forgotten Films. I was also looking at the calendar and knew that this week I would be working long hours and would have little time to watch movies, let alone blog about them. So it was the perfect opportunity to do a guest blogger series.

The theme of this guest series is “Forgotten Disney.” I have invited several other film and pop culture bloggers to be a part of this series. Their instructions were to review a Disney film that won’t be turned into an attraction at Disneyland any time soon. These reviewers have selected a unique batch of forgotten films from the Mouse House. I can’t wait for you to meet all of them!

But to start things off, why not check out a few reviews of forgotten Disney films I’ve already done here on the old blog:
Midnight Madness
Victory Through Air Power

This is going to be a lot fun!  We’re turning Forgotten Films into “The Happiest Blog on Earth” as we explore the realm of Forgotten Disney!

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