Fox Cinema Archives New Releases – August 2012

Last month, the Fox Cinema Archives series debuted. It’s been hard to find updates on their next wave of releases…believe it or not, there doesn’t seem to be an official website for this collection?!? But, the good folks at Movies Unlimited are on the ball with several new titles from this series listed among this week’s new releases. Here they are!

– 36 Hours to Kill (1936)
– Accent on Love (1941)
– Banjo on my Knee (1936)
– China Girl (1942)
– Claudia and David (1946)
– Destination Gobi (1953)
– Josette (1938)
– Nancy Steele is Missing (1937)
– One Foot in Hell (1960)
– Slattery’s Hurricane (1949)
– The Caribbean Mystery (1945)
– The Country Doctor (1936)
– The Day the Fish Came Out (1967)
– The Outcasts of Poker Flat (1952)
– The Raid (1954)
– The Return of the Cisco Kid (1939)

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