Blown Away

It’s always tough for child actors to make the transition to adult roles. Some resort to pretty extreme parts. Rudy from “The Cosby Show” played a prostitute in a Madea movie, after all. Today’s film features three stars who made it big in their teenage years…among them, the legendary “Coreys.” But this film isn’t exactly cover of Tiger Beat material. Arriving two years before the Jeff Bridges/Tommy Lee Jones film of the same name…it’s 1992’s “Blown Away.”

In an undisclosed mountain town, the employees of a ski resort are closing things up for the summer. These employees don’t seem to actually do much work, which suits brothers Rich (Corey Haim) and Wes (Corey Feldman) just fine. One day, while riding a horse around to inspect…well, nothing, Rich happens upon a gorgeous young woman, Megan (Nicole Eggert), struggling with a horse or her own. Rich quickly jumps off his steed and helps out, which earns him an invitation to a party Megan is throwing that night.

Megan is loaded, living in a huge house with her dad (Jean LeClerc)…as a matter of fact, he owns the resort where Rich works. So why wouldn’t Rich ditch his on-again off-again girlfriend Darla (Kathleen Robertson) and head to the party with Wes and some buddies. It doesn’t take Rich long to spot Megan at the party…she’s the one wearing a tiny white bikini. That is, she’s wearing a tiny white bikini for all of about 2 minutes before she’s got Rich tearing it off her in the bedroom upstairs. This is the first of several pretty explicit scenes featuring the former teenyboppers.

So, now old Rich is having a great time…sexing it up with Megan whenever her father’s not around, spilling orange juice on her legs and licking it off her…who cares if his brother Wes thinks this girl may not be what she seems. Still, it’s enough to get Rich somewhat suspicious, so one day he follows Megan as she drives to a seedy bar and gives a bunch of money to some tough dude. Turns out, Megan is fixin’ to get someone to kill her old man. See, she’s sure that he’s responsible for her mother’s car blowing up a year ago.

At first, Rich kind of laughs the whole thing off, but when Megan ends up with a shiner, courtesy of dear old dad, he starts to think differently. Then Megan starts to talk about a bomb which is planted in the gas tank of one of her dad’s motorcycles. The next day, dad invites Rich to go out for a ride with him (they’re gettin’ chummy now, after all) and Rich almost ends up on the rigged bike. But, lucky for Rich, it’s dad who goes “boom” and ends up at the bottom of a cliff. But now, Rich is the prime suspect of the police and it starts to seem that there may someone else out to frame him.

This is a strange film to watch. I mean, let’s face it, it’s a bit weird to see one of the girls from “Charles in Charge,” the kid who played Lucas, and one of the Goonies gettin’ busy in several late-night cable type scenes. I could’ve certainly done without having to see Corey Haim’s bare rear end multiple times, and once was most definitely enough for Mr. Feldman. The three leads try way too hard to say, “Hey look, I’m all grown up now…and I’m naked!” It’s all pretty awkward.

The story, honestly, is almost non-existent. It’s a thin thread that’s only there to string together the sex scenes. The whole plot to kill Megan’s dad and the frame up of Rich doesn’t really factor in until the movie is almost over anyway. I got the feeling that the writer’s really didn’t know where they were ultimately going with this thing. The script meanders and has some unintentional laugh-out-loud moments. The strange execution by the cast certainly doesn’t help. Feldman, especially, is completely unhinged. He spends much of the movie starring at the other characters with a bizarre squint to his eyes and giving his lines awkward pauses that will have you tearing your hair out. Only future 90210-er Kathleen Robertson gives a somewhat appealing performance.

This was the 4th movie Haim and Feldman made together. Though it wasn’t the success they had seen with their previous efforts, the partnership continued for at least 4 more films. As bad as “Blown Away” is, I guess the power of the Coreys was greater.

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  1. Seeing that the two Corey’s are in this is all I need to know that this is a bad movie. Although I do like that screen cap with Kathleen Robertson and the stuffed animal.

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