Warner Archive New Releases – November 20, 2012

Last week we didn’t get to do an update on new releases from the Warner Archive. Oh, they releases some stuff, but it was all TV productions. While I admire their efforts, we just do the theatrical stuff here. This week, we really only have one new release…but it contains 12 films.

The Bowery Boys Volume 1
– Live Wires (1946)
– In Fast Company (1946)
– Bowery Bombshell (1946)
– News Hounds (1947)
– Fighting Fools (1949)
– Hold that Baby! (1949)
– Master Minds (1949)
– Blonde Dynamite (1950)
– Lucky Losers (1950)
– Blues Busters (1950)
– Crazy Over Horses (1951)
– No Holds Barred (1952)

The other big news out of the Warner Archive actually hit late last week. Today the archive releases it’s first two titles on Blu-Ray. Since I haven’t made the jump to Blu yet, this isn’t as big a deal for me personally, but I know there are plenty of folks who are interested. The first two titles to hit today are:

– Gypsy (1962)
– Deathtrap (1982)

By the way, this big announcement also came with a fantastic redesign of the Warner Archive site. It’s clear that the Warner Archive has been a big success and I just want to applaud them for all they are doing to bring back these forgotten films. Seriously, one of the highlights of my week is seeing what new releases pop up each Tuesday! Keep it up, WA!


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