LAMBcast – Movie of the Month: Night of the Comet

Lambcast Be sure to check out the latest episode of the LAMBcast, the official podcast of the Large Association of Movie Blogs. Once again, I was honored to be a guest on the show. It’s a movie of the month episode, and this time the film selected fits perfectly with the type of movies I review here…”Night of the Comet.” You can find the podcast here, or search iTunes for “LAMBcast.” And be sure to check out my review of “Night of the Comet” which was posted here last week.

Now, it’s also time to vote for the next Movie of the Month over at The LAMB. This month, I am “championing” a film. It’s not a “forgotten film,” but it’s a good one. The great…”Tombstone.” So please “be my huckleberry” and head on over to The LAMB and vote for “Tombstone” to be the next movie of the month.

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