Recent Guest Appearances

do you rememberI’ve been visiting some relatives who don’t have any internet for the last few days. Cut off from the world! Anyhow, while I was gone, an article I wrote popped up on another site. DoYouRemember is a fun new social networking site where you can connect with people by sharing memories of the fads, trends, tv shows, toys, and, of course, movies of the past. There is a Forgotten Filmz profile you can follow over there! They also post some great articles and I was thrilled to be able to contribute a piece on movie tie-in toys that I always wanted but never got. Check out the article here:

5 Sci-Fi Movie Toys You Wish You Had

I also keep neglecting to mention that I recently guested on an episode of The Film Pasture podcast. Host Pat McDonnell, from 100 Years of Movies, had me on to discuss the career and legacy of Ray Harryhausen shortly after his death a few weeks ago. Be sure to check out the episode!

Film Pasture

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