Forgotten Filmcast Episode 12: The Big Fix

The_Big_FixThe fix is on for episode 12 of the Forgotten Filmcast! Our good friend Brian Saur from Rupert Pupkin Speaks is back to talk with Todd about the 1978 Richard Dreyfuss detective film “The Big Fix.” We hope you enjoy the show, and be sure to send us your questions and comments when you’re done listening!

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Show Notes:
Rupert Pupkin Speaks
Brian at Twitter
Music Alley

Films Discussed:
The Big Fix
The Case of the Black Parrot
Electra Glide in Blue

2 thoughts on “Forgotten Filmcast Episode 12: The Big Fix

  1. Great podcast! I love this film. I saw it a couple times on HBO back around 1980, and I loved it then and have always looked for it again. Never got to see it until recently on Netflix.

  2. Essentially Dreyfuss’s 1978 (self-produced) cinematic tombstone, the absolute cut-off point between the edgy, dangerous, charismatic and compelling young Jewish superstar who had just a year previously made history by beating Marlon Brando as the youngest Best Actor Oscar winner of all time, and the post-car crash, rehabilitated, tamed, and creatively impotent elder he is today. And make no mistake: by the autumn of 1978, the mood of the country had turned ruthlessly against Jimmy Carter, making an intensely nostalgic elegy for the revolutionary and radical leftist politics of the late 60’s absolute anathema at the box-office, with a new reactionary “Morning In America” about to dawn just 48 months later. The irony of it all is that “The Big Fix”, seen today, is a far more interesting watch than “The Goodbye Girl”, which has dated very, very badly.

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