Warner Archive New Releases – Nov 19, 2013

Dream FactoryWe only have one new releases of theatrical films from the Warner Archive this week. There are also several made-for-cable movies but, remember, we just do the theatrical stuff here. It’s a unique collection of musical short subjects from MGM featuring stars like Judy Garland, Deanna Durbin and even Buster Keaton.

Classic Shorts from the Dream Factory: Volume 2 (1929-1946)
Copy (1929)
The Rounder (1930)
Gentlemen Of Polish (1934)
Gypsy Night (1935)
Memories and Melodies (1935)
Two Hearts in Wax Time (1935)
Violets In Spring (1936)
New Shoes (1936)
Swing Banditry (1936)
No Place Like Rome (1936)
Annie Laurie (1936)
Every Sunday (1936)
A Girl’s Best Years (1936)
Dancing on the Ceiling (1937)
Bars and Stripes (1937)
Some Time Soon (1937)
The Little Maestro (1937)
Song of Revolt (1937)
Carnival in Paris (1937)
The Canary Comes Across (1938)
Snow Gets in Your Eyes (1938)
The Magician’s Daughter (1938)
It’s in the Stars (1938)
Streamlined Swing (1938)
Men of Steel (1938)
Once Over Lightly (1938)
A Dream of Love (1939)
Somewhat Secret (1939)
Happily Buried (1939)
Rhumba Rhythm (1939)
Love On Tap (1939)
Mendelssohn’s Wedding March (1939)
Heavenly Music (1943)
Ode to Victory (1943)
Spreadin’ the Jam (1945)
Musical Masterpieces (1946)

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