Crush-a-Thon 2: Winona Ryder Edition

crush_a_thon_2Last year for Thanksgiving Forgotten Films turned its attention to a salute to the celebrity crushes of youth. Several guest bloggers participated in last year’s Crush-a-Thon and I am thrilled to announce that once again we have several great bloggers lined up for this year’s event.

Last time, the event was named for my biggest celebrity crush when I was a teenager, Jennifer Conelly. But I had many celebrity crushes and so this year the event is being named in honor of another young actress who caught my eye many years ago. And so I dub this year’s event…Crush-a-Thon 2: The Winona Ryder Edition!

I can remember quite clearly the first time I saw Miss Ryder. It was her first film…Lucas. This was a movie that was of great interest to me when it was first released in 1986. It was filmed in the corner of the Chicago suburbs that I grew up in. I even saw the film for the first time in the same movie theater that appears in the film. Truth be told, when the film was released I had a bigger crush on another actress in the film…Kerri Green, who was the girl who wasn’t Martha Plimpton in The Goonies. The film featured many other young up-and-coming actors, including Corey Haim, Charlie Sheen, Courtney Thorne-Smith, and Jeremy Piven. At the time, I thought Winona was cute but didn’t really take big notice of her. That all changed with the release of Beetlejuice two years later. Her quirky and dark, but still cute, take on the character of Lydia had me hooked. After that, from Heathers, to Edward Scissorhands, to Mermaids, I followed her career with great interest. I admit, it made me feel very old when she was cast as Spock’s mother in Star Trek.

Be sure to join us tomorrow, Thanksgiving Day, for my look at a Forgotten Winona Ryder film. Then stick with us in the days to follow as several other bloggers share their celebrity crushes and the forgotten films they were featured in.

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