Todd Talks about The Gold Rush & The Crow on Filmwhys

flight tightsFirst, I want to apologize for the lack of new posts here over the last week or so. As if the busyness of the holidays weren’t enough, my computer has been having some work done. So getting new posts up has been hard, and that means that this week’s episode of the Forgotten Filmcast will be somewhat delayed.

In the meantime, however, you can hear me on another podcast…Filmwhys. The show is produced by Bubbawheat from Flight, Tights and Movie Nights. On each episode, another film blogger challenges Bubba to watch a classic movie he’s never seen before. My challenge to him was Charlie Chaplin’s The Gold Rush. In return, Bubba has his guest watch a superhero or comic themed movie that they have never seen before. That is what led us to The Crow, which I had never seen until now. Be sure to check out the show and stay tuned for a new episode of the Forgotten Filmcast…once my computer gets back from the shop.

2 thoughts on “Todd Talks about The Gold Rush & The Crow on Filmwhys

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  1. The issue of your computer going down is the whole reason I bought two so that way you have one for backup just in case the other one dies. The idea for this podcast sounds interesting. I’m glad you challenged him to watch a classic film. I haven’t seen ‘The Gold Rush’ in many years, but it is well worth revisiting.

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