Warner Archive New Releases – March 18, 2014

Tim Holt 4We have a rather large selection of new releases from the Warner Archive this week. First up is the 4th volume of western films featuring Tim Holt.

Tim Holt Western Classic Collection Vol. 4
– Wagon Train (1940)
– The Fargo Kid (1940)
– Cyclone on Horseback (1941)
– Land of the Open Range (1942)
– Thundering Hoofs (1942)
– Red River Robin Hood (1942)
– Overland Telegraph (1951)
– Trail Guide (1952)

We also have a large selection of titles from the Archive’s Paramount collection.

– King David (1985)
– Lady Jane (1986)
– Joseph Andrews (1977)
– The Reckoning (2002)
– Testament (1983)
– Angela’s Ashes (1999)
– Permanent Record (1988)
– The Adventures of Sebastian Cole (1998)
– Brain Donors (1992)
– The Lonely Man (1957)
– Bloody Sunday (2002)
– Mean Machine (2001)

Several of the Paramount titles were removed from the Warner Archive site later in the day. These titles will most likely appear at a later date: Lady Jane, Angela’s Ashes, Brain Donors, and Bloody Sunday


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