Big League Blogathon – Ball 4

Big_League_BlogathonMy apologies for posting today’s lineup of bloggers so late in the day. I’ve been on an airplane for the majority of day. So here is our all-star team for today!

Bernardo from The Movie Rat creates an all-star team of baseball players from movies: Fictional All-Star Team

Dave at DVD Infatuation finds out “Who’s on First?” with Abbot and Costello in Naughty Nineties.

Michael, the Film Guinea Pig, examines the documentary The Lost Son of Havana.

Anne at Large Popcorn, No Butter deals with those Damn Yankees.

Movie Rob hits the field with the childhood classic The Bad News Bears.

Sara, the Redhead at the Movies, joins A League of Her Own.

Finally, Tom at Pop Culture Affidavit finishes his look at Ken Burns’ Baseball – Bottom of the Inning: Taking Baseball Personally.

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