Recent Guest Appearances

I have a few recent guest appearances to update my Forgotten Films readers on today.

movie fan fareFirst up, my recent review of the Bowery Boys film In Fast Company was picked up by Movie Fan Fare, which is the official blog of those awesome folks at Movies Unlimited, which is a fantastic source for finding lots of forgotten films. Head on over there and check out the review again: In Fast Company.

LambcastI also appeared on the most recent episode of The LAMBcast. This time it was a franchise look back where we talked about all 8 Muppet films! Come on, how could they NOT have me on that episode?!? Give it a Listen: LAMBcast #212: Muppet Mania

man i love filmsAlso, if you have not been following my Vintage Vault reviews each week over at Man I Love Films, well why not!?!? Most recently I’ve reviewed the pseudo-Bruce Lee films The Game of Death & Game of Death II. Check out all the Vintage Vault reviews here.

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