Shorts Week

Shorts_WeekOnce upon a time, when you went to the movie theater for the evening you might see several feature films, plus a selection of short subjects. I often wish shorts were still a part of the movie going experience. Well, this week we’re going to spend a little time celebrating short subjects. We’ll be looking at several short films, both live-action and animated. These films are just as much a part of our movie history as the classic feature films. So be sure to join us over the next few days for Shorts Week!

4 thoughts on “Shorts Week

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  1. I don’t know that it’s completely obsolete. Last I heard Pixar still made shorts to accompany their features.

    I remember seeing a few shorts for my cinema studies classes. We had to watch some for the “advant garde” week, and one that seemed to really stand out for me was a film called “Meshes of the Afternoon” by Maya Deren, and being the David Lynch fan I am I couldn’t help but notice some of its influence on his films.

    1. Now days, it tends to be more common for a short to accompany a certain feature…which is what Picard tends to do. Shorts are not so much a regular part of an evening at the movies anymore.

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