Forgotten Films Turns 3!

forgotten_filmsToday turned out to be such a busy day that I nearly forgot to celebrate it being the 3rd anniversary of my first post here at Forgotten Films! So, Happy Birthday to me! Really, more than anything, though, I want to thank all my loyal readers here at the site, not to mention all the other film bloggers who have welcomed me into their community and have guested on my podcasts and participated in my blogathons. With each passing year I just feel more energized to keep writing about movies! Thanks so much…and here’s to many more years of movies!

10 thoughts on “Forgotten Films Turns 3!

  1. Looking for a movie title saw on one of the demand channels and never got to finish it’s about a young black swimmer that is offered college scholarships for swimming in the mean time he goes cruising around with friends that just pulled a hold up and killed someone and it gets blamed on this swimmer and he goes to prison innocent? I doubt if it’s a new movie
    Please email me thanks so much

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