Warner Archive New Releases – September 23, 2014

five and tenWe’ve got several interesting new releases this week from the Warner Archive. We begin with four titles from the 30’s.

– Oh, Sailor Behave (1930)
– One Night at Susie’s (1930)
– The Man who Played God (1932)
– Five and Ten (1931)

stoogesThe most interesting new release this week, though, is a collection of shorts featuring The Three Stooges in the days when they were with Ted Healy, before their classic series of shorts began at Columbia. As a Stooges fan I may just have to add this to my collection.

Classic Shorts from the Dream Factory Volume Three

– Beer and Pretzels (1933)
– The Big Idea (1934)
– Hello Pop (1933)
– Nerstery Rhymes (1933)
– Plane Nuts (1933)
– Roast Beef and Movies (1934)

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