Seedpeople 2Throughout the 90’s and the early 2000’s the art of the B-horror movie was being kept alive and well by filmmakers like Charles Band and his Full Moon Entertainment company. With popular franchises like the Puppet Master series leading the way, Band’s films were staples of video store shelves. Not quite as iconic as his puppets ended up being, were films like this little story of a small town invaded by intergalactic seeds…1992’s Seedpeople.

Seedpeople 1The film concerns the little town of Comet Valley, which, as its name suggests, has had a history of meteorite landings. A researcher, and former resident of the town, named Tom Baines (Sam Hennings) has returned to study some of the otherworldly rocks that have been found. He ends up staying at the bed and breakfast run by his former girlfriend Heidi (Andrea Roth). Shortly after his arrival, Heidi’s brother Frank (John Mooney) happens upon a strange plant with sprays him with white goo. He emerges as a strange pod-like creature that can transform itself into Frank’s form whenever it wishes.

Seedpeople 5Frank’s not the only one acting a bit weird. Heidi’s housekeeper, Mrs Santiago, is also looking a bit strange. In fact, Frank’s teenage daughter Kim (Holly Fields) has been saying for days that Mrs. Santiago is reading her mind. Before long, people are turning up dead in the town and Tom is catching fleeting glimpses of furry pod monsters that roll around in balls that look like what you’d see a dung beetle pushing around, but about 100 times bigger. Eventually, most of the town, including Heidi, have been taken over by the creatures. That leaves Tom to team up with the town’s local nut job, Doc (Bernard Kates), to take down the aliens before they can dig up more seeds and take over the world.

Seedpeople 7Obviously, Seedpeople is a low-budget affair. The creatures range from ridiculous looking puppets to costumes that required the wearer to walk around on their hands. When they attack people they pretty much just tackle the victim and slobber in their face for a bit before the camera cuts away. One could say that this film is continuing the tradition of the clumsy rubber suit monsters of the 50’s, but that might be giving it too much credit.

Seedpeople 8The story is downright yawn inducing at times. There are also some big holes in the proceedings. For example: when we first see Frank get sprayed with the plant goo, we assume he’s dead. After all, a weird monster bursts out of his slime covered body. Yet in the next scene he’s alive and well. Later we figure out that the creature can change its form, but I admit I was lost for a bit there. Then there’s the whole mind reading thing. Someone please tell me why when seeds from outer space possess the body of a human being they are able to predict what other people will say before they say it. Not only is this never explained, but it doesn’t end up playing an important role in the story. So what was the point?

Seedpeople 9Seedpeople is certainly one of those films that needs to be viewed with the right frame of mind. It is not impressive in any way, shape or form. On the other hand, those who seek out bad movies will surely find things to enjoy about it. While I love a good bad movie from time to time, most of Seedpeople was just too bland to really hold my interest. It provided a few unintentional laughs, but ultimately watching plants grow is probably more entertaining.

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