Walt Sent Me Episode 20: Chicago

Walt_Sent_Me SmallerIt took twenty episodes for it to happen, but for the latest installment of Walt Sent Me Kristen and Todd welcome a guest. Terence Johnson from Awards Circuit joins in the discussion of the 2002 Oscar winner Chicago. We also look at the debut of Donald Duck in the short The Wise Little Hen. Oh, and Todd geeks out about the new Star Wars trailer.

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Show Notes:
Awards Circuit
Music Alley

One thought on “Walt Sent Me Episode 20: Chicago

  1. Thank you so much for mentioning The As You Watch Podcast during thye show. I really appreciate that. Great show. I really loved Chicago when I saw it in theaters and Im not a big fan of Musicals. I agree that it was good Miss Zelwelger wasn’t a professional because it helped with her character of Roxie Heart. I liked Gere in this and thought his over use of confidence really helped out with the role he was playing. Cell Block Tango was my favorite performance. Interesting to hear that Mary Sunshine on stage was a man.

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