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spidey 5Today I want to invite my loyal readers to check out another site that I’m a pleased to be involved with. Bubbawheat has been a longtime friend of this site. He is the man behind Flights, Tights and Movie Nights, which focuses on any and every superhero/comic related movie. He’s appeared on the Forgotten Filmcast a few times, was a part of one of the Crush-a-thons and was the brave man who reviewed Sheena for the 1984-a-thon. Now, Bubba is starting a new site focusing on superhero television shows called Channel Superhero. Seeing as how there are a ton of these shows these days it seemed a natural follow-up to his other site. However, there are just too many shows for one man to handle, so the call went out for help. But, being the retro minded person that I am, I won’t be covering new shows on the site. My focus is older superhero shows.

I’m beginning with a look at a classic animated show from the early 80’s, Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends, which aired Saturday Mornings on NBC from 1981-86. Each Friday we’ll be going episode by episode through the show. Today we start with an introduction to the show, focusing on its history and the voices behind it.

I hope to be looking at other shows down the line (I’ve been promised I can do the 66 Batman show). I hope you’ll make Channel Superhero a regular stop as you surf blogs each week.

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