Recent Guest Appearances

I’ve fallen a bit behind lately on updating my loyal readers on some other blogs and podcasts where I’ve appeared lately. So…let’s fix that.

Rupert Pupkin SpeaksFirst, back in February I contributed a list to the yearly film discoveries series over at Rupert Pupkin Speaks. Check out my list of 2014 discoveries here: 2014 Film Discoveries.

LambcastNext up, I’ve been on several recent episodes of The LAMBcast. First is the Movie of the Month episode on A Hard Day’s Night, which was the film I championed and won the hosting duties with. I was also on the next Movie of the Month episode, which was actually a Franchise of the Month. Somehow the Airport franchise won. So check out the discussion of all four Airport movies and bask in the greatness that is Joe Petroni. Lastly, I try to defend my crown as LAMBpardy champion on the most recent episode of the show.

Movie of the Month: A Hard Day’s Night
Movie of the Month: The Airport Franchise

Last up, I paid a visit to The Lair of the Unwanted to discuss the truly bizarre 80’s non-classic, Samurai Cop.

Lair of the Unwanted: Samurai Cop


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