Recent Warner Archive New Releases

Johnny AngelOnce again, I’ve fallen a bit behind on updating my loyal readers with the newest offerings from the Warner Archive. Here’s what’s new from the last few weeks.

First we have a bunch of film noirs:

– Johnny Angel (1945)
– Criminal Court (1946)
– Two O’Clock Courage (1945)
– Riffraff (1947)
– The Clay Pigeon (1949)

Satan Met a LadyNext up is a handful of films featuring Bette Davis:

– The Dark Horse (1932)
– Special Agent (1935)
– Satan Met a Lady (1936)
– June Bride (1948)

CantorNext up is a set of Eddie Cantor films:

The Eddie Cantor 4-Film Collection: Samuel Goldwyn Classics
– Palmy Days (1931)
– The Kid From Spain (1932)
– Roman Scandals (1933)
– Strike Me Pink (1936)

wolfenLast we have the Blu Ray release of a classic modern werewolf film:

– Wolfen (1981)

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      1. Have you seen “Satan Met a Lady”?

        Yes. Here’s what I said about it in The Book:

        “Hammett’s story altered almost beyond recognizability and played for laughs. In place of hardboiled Sam Spade we have suave PI Ted Shane (William) and the quest’s for not a falcon but the fabled Horn of Roland. A twist that would be interesting in a better movie is that Kasper Gutman (>> The Maltese Falcon [1941]) is replaced by grande dame crook Madame Barabbas (Skipworth). There’s the opportunity to see the young Davis as femme fatale Valerie Purvis, so all’s not lost.”

        You’d be better off with Dangerous Female (1931), if looking for earlier versions of The Maltese Falcon, although it’s no masterpiece either! (It’s saucier, though.)

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