Recent Guest Appearances

Lately I’ve been appearing on a whole bunch of other podcasts. So, I wanted to take a moment to point all my loyal Forgotten Films readers in the direction of the some of the other shows I’ve been on recently.

Let’s start with the Exploding Helicopter Podcast. It was a great thrill for me to be invited to join the show’s host, Will, to discuss the 1985 Chuck Norris classic Invasion U.S.A. This was a first time watch for me…and it was wild!

Exploding Helicopter – Invasion U.S.A.

LambcastI’ve also been spending the month of August guesting on four episodes of the LAMBcast in a row. First up was an episode devoted to the August Movie of the Month JFK, which was the film I nominated, by the way. Next up I joined in on a discussion of all five Mission: Impossible films. The next week saw myself and my Walt Sent Me co-host Kristen take part in a new game show episode – LAMBY-weds. This is a game show modeled after The Newlywed Game to see how well podcasting partners know each other. Finally, I got to be on an episode where we discussed all eight of the films directed by the king of the 80’s teen comedy, John Hughes.

LAMBcast – JFK Movie of the Month
LAMBcast – Mission Impossible Franchise
LAMBcast – LAMBY-weds #1
LAMBcast – John Hughes Retrospective

man i love filmsWhile I’m doing the whole self-promotion thing, I also want to remind all of you of two other projects I’m involved in. For about two years now I’ve been writing the Vintage Vault reviews each week over at Man I Love Films. You can find a new review each Monday Morning. Here is a link to all my past reviews.

Vintage Vault

Channel Superhero logo mediumAlso, since January I’ve been writing reviews of classic superhero TV shows over at Channel Superhero. I have worked my way through all the episodes of the 80’s animated series Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends (check out those reviews here). Now, I am working my way through the classic 1966 Batman series (check those out here).

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