Recent Guest Appearances

insessionI’ve been so busy getting things ready for the annual Halloween celebration here at Forgotten Films that I haven’t updated my loyal readers on a few recent guest appearances.

Let’s start with my recent guest spot on the InSession Film Podcast. This was a real treat because it gave me an excuse to go to the theater and see a NEW RELEASE. That like never happens! We talked about the recent film Everest, as well as our top 3 “snowy” movies. Thanks to J.D. and Brendan for having me on the show!

InSession Film – Episode 136

LambcastI also made two recent appearances on the LAMBcast…well, sort of. The first episode was the Sci-Fi Movie Draft. This is were several panelists each try to built the best team of sci-fi movies. Mine was the best, of course, even though I didn’t get The Empire Strikes Back.

The second episode was another edition of LAMBpardy…where I was the four time returning champion. However, there was a bit of a recording glitch. When everyone’s favorite host Jay went to check his recording, he found that it had only recorded his voice. Luckily, I had a backup recording, but somehow it recorded everyone except me! So, enter Robo-Todd! Jay did his best to recreate my part of the show with a Stephen Hawking style robo-voice. Some folks say I’ve never sounded better.

LAMBcast – Sci-Fi Movie Draft
LAMBcast – LAMBpardy

Channel Superhero logo mediumLast up is my contribution to 31 Days of Tales from the Crypt over at Channel Superhero. Of course, I write reviews of the 1966 Batman series every week over at that site, but for the month of October many other bloggers are contributing reviews of episodes from the classic horror anthology show. My review of the episode Strung Along is now up at the site. Be sure to follow the series all month long!

Tales from the Crypt – Strung Along

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