Dream a Little Dream 2

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The 1980’s brought us many strange events in the world of pop culture. Chief among them, the rise of two teenage actors both with the first name Corey. The two Coreys, Feldman and Haim, teamed up for several films in the 80’s and beyond. Their final effort of the 80’s was a bizarre, and downright confusing, take on the body switch comedy, 1989’s Dream a Little Dream. Six years later, the team decided this story needed a second chapter. Here comes Dream a Little Dream 2.

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This time, Bobby (Feldman) and Dinger (Haim) have left Cleveland and moved on to Los Angeles. There they share an apartment with a young woman named Rachel (Robyn Lively). One day, they suddenly receive a package from Coleman…the elderly gentleman played by Jason Robards in the first film who switched bodies with Bobby. Inside are two pairs of sunglasses. Turns out, though, that these are no ordinary shades. Whoever wears one pair of the glasses finds themselves compelled to do whatever the person wearing the other pair wants them to do. So, when the guys first try them out, Dinger suddenly starts cleaning his side of the bedroom, which is something Bobby has always wished he would do.

Dream a Little Dream 2 2.png

Of course, there are other folks who are out to get these sunglasses. Primarily, a mysterious woman (Stacie Randall) who keeps popping up in the strange dreams that both Dinger and Bobby have been having lately. In fact, the dreams suddenly start to come true, including the one where the mystery woman handcuffs Bobby to his bed and tries to seduce him…sort of.   Eventually the mystery woman manages to steal the glasses so she can sell them to the highest bidder. So, now Bobby and Rachel have to set out to keep the magical specks from falling into the wrong hands.

Dream a Little Dream 2 3

The original Dream a Little Dream was a mind-numbing mess, part two is virtually unwatchable The two Coreys stumble their way through their scenes in a way that suggests the script was little more than a few scriblings made on a Dunkin Donuts napkin procured on the way to the set that morning. That may not be too far off, come to think of it, as the story is beyond idiotic. The attempts to tie it all in to the original film, which wasn’t anything stellar to begin with, becomes annoying within moments as every other line of dialogue is “Coleman this,” and “Coleman that.”  Okay, okay…we remember that you somehow convinced a classic actor to appear in your annoying first film,  do you have to spit out his character’s name every 10 seconds?

Dream a Little Dream 2 7

The first film seriously made my head hurt, but I may have to seek therapy after watching the second chapter. Everything is executed in an extremely amateurish fashion.  Several sequences jump into Bobby and Dinger’s dreams, portrayed in black and white and with extreme camera angles. A first-year film school student’s wet dream.  The story itself also has some very off-putting aspects.  There is a downright disturbing sequence where a gangster-type guy looking to buy the glasses (Robert Constanzo) essentially uses the glasses to sexually assault Stacie Randall’s character, while Feldman and Lively are hiding under the bed. More disturbing, though, could be Feldman’s Michael Jackson style musical sequence’ a song called “Feelin’ Funky” which he wrote and performed.

Dream a Little Dream 2 5

There is one bright spot to the film, though. Simply put, Robyn Lively is way above the pay grade of this film. Though she has to be a part of the idiotic antics going on in this mess of a movie, she still manages to bring a bit of that Teen Witch charm to the proceedings. Rachel comes off as a pretty smart and spunky character. Well, smart other than the fact that she ever got mixed up with Bobby and Dinger in the first place.

I totally get why Hollywood saw potential in the whole Corey gimmick of late 80’s and early 90’s. It actually started strong. I mean, The Lost Boys is a fun movie, License to Drive has its moments. Oh but how quickly things went so so wrong. These guys were about fifteen years old when they first teamed up. By the time Dream a Little Dream 2 came along they were around 24. This film is proof positive that the schtick had worn out its welcome.


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