Forgotten Filmcast Episode 109: The Pleasure Seekers

The Pleasure Seekers.png

The new episode of the Forgotten Filmcast is here! This time, Todd is joined by Tom Lisanti from to discuss a 1964 film featuring three sixties beauties. Ann-Margret, Carol Lynley and Pamela Tiffin star in The Pleasure Seekers.

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Show Notes:
Tom on Twitter

Films Discussed:
The Pleasure Seekers
Bunny Lake is Missing
Under the Yum Yum Tree

4 thoughts on “Forgotten Filmcast Episode 109: The Pleasure Seekers

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  1. Good episode and a great movie. Have to agree with you regarding Gardner McKay but I will always love him for Capt. Adam Troy. Carol Lynley’s a dish but there seems to be an “old librarian woman” look to her face. Am I crazy? Pam and Annie are from another planet, man. I seriously can barely watch this film, they are all so gorgeous.

    Years ago I “scored” an mP4 copy of this film. I see it on Amazon to buy but what’s up with this “Cinema Archives MOD”? What does that mean? Not true widescreen or something? Anyways, good work, boys.

    1. No, it’s a widescreen copy. In fact, the Fox Cinema Archive DVD is what I picked up to watch for this show. It just means they don’t make thousands of these discs at a time, they make them as requests come in. Warner Archive has probably been the most successful example of this. I have several of their titles.

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