Forgotten Filmcast Episode 118: Battleground


On the new episode of the Forgotten Filmcast, Todd is joined by Jessica Pickens from Comet Over Hollywood to look at a film that though somewhat forgotten today was actually a Best Picture nominee…1949’s Battleground.

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Show Notes:
Comet Over Hollywood
Jessica at Twitter

Movies Discussed:
The War Against Mrs. Hadley
Mike Fright

“Protofunk” Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

2 thoughts on “Forgotten Filmcast Episode 118: Battleground

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  1. ‘Battleground’ isn’t exactly forgotten – it appears on TCM every couple of years, usually around Memorial Day.
    That said, it certainly deserves wider recognition as one of the better ‘war’ movies, with an ideal cast including John Hodiak Van Heflin and James Whitmore as a platoon of weary and cynical US infantryman living, fighting, and often dying in their foxholes against Hitler’s last desperate counteroffensive during the winter of 1944.

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