Movie Cereal – Panther Girl of the Kongo, Chapter 11: Double Danger

Last time we were in the jungle we saw…well…a lot of flashbacks. Last week we had the clip episode, remember? Still, the episode did end with some new footage, where Cass and Rand lob some dynamite into the hut where Larry, Jean, and the commissioner are meeting. Do they all get turned to dust? Let’s find out in Chapter 11 – Double Danger.

In a bit of footage that was left out last week, Larry quickly turns over a table and our three heroes duck behind it. Apparently, dinner tables in the Kongo are made impervious to bombs made by evil scientists, because nobody even gets slightly burned. Larry then storms out, guns blazing, but Cass and Rand run away.

The next day, after consulting with Morgan, Cass and Rand decide to start trying to get some diamonds out of the mine. Meanwhile, Larry and Jean decide to search for the villagers, who have been hiding out since the last time the claw monster showed up. Larry heads off to search in the direction of the mine, while Jean heads the other way on her elephant. Unfortunately, the Raturi warriors who have been working with the bad guys quickly spot Larry and attack. One even snags Larry with his bolas, sending him falling off a cliff into the river. Luckily, Jean heard the gunshots and rushed off to join Larry. So she shows up just in time to dive into the water and save him. 

The two barely have a chance to catch their breath before they run into the claw monster again. This time, after ten episodes of the bullets bouncing off the beast, they take it down with a few shots. They then find the villagers who agree to go back home. However, while out scouting the area, Larry runs into the Raturi again. A fistfight breaks out and Larry is able to capture one of them. The other heads off to warn Cass and Rand. Soon, the villains spot Larry and the captured Raturi warrior boating down the river and open fire. Larry tumbles into the water and we are told to come back in a week for the next chapter.

After the clip show, this episode is a bit of a breath of fresh air, even if the cliffhanger resolution is pretty silly. I guess the table that our heroes duck behind didn’t come from IKEA, cuz that thing is able to withstand one heck of a fireball!  From there we get some pretty effective action sequences; the highlight being Larry’s fall into the river. This is perhaps the best stunt we’ve had in this serial, and with just one more episode to go, there aren’t many opportunities left to top it. The fall is off a large rocky cliff, and is a good 50-foot drop. Larry twists and tumbles as he falls and it’s pretty cool! Then, a few moments later, Jean does a head -first dive into the water to save him! We then get some underwater footage as she saves him. All-in-all it’s a well-done sequence.

Later we get a pretty decent fistfight between Larry and the Raturi warriors. It feels a bit less choreographed than some of the other fights we’ve had. I mean, there was no furniture to throw around, so they just kind of did whatever they could come up with on the spot, I guess. The thing that is refreshing about this sequence is that it’s not against Cass and Rand. Yes folks, we get something different! By this point, you’d think that Larry would be an expert on Cass and Rand’s fighting style, and vice versa. So this is a new challenge for him.

Still, even after coming out on top against the Raturis, Larry still ends up sinking in the river for the second time this chapter once Cass and Rand show up and start shooting. Will Jean save him from a watery grave…AGAIN? Find out next time in our final installment, House of Doom.

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