Movie Cereal: Superman – Chapter 11: Superman’s Dilemma

When we last left Metropolis, Lois Lane had been lured into a trap by the Spider Lady’s goons. Having followed the trail of the electrical disturbance plaguing the city’s phone lines, she finds herself trapped in the abandoned hideout with flames all around her. Will Superman come to the rescue? Let’s find out in Chapter 11 – Superman’s Dilemma.

When Lois doesn’t respond to his calls over the radio, Clark realizes that something is wrong. He ducks behind some rocks and changes to Superman. Then, strangely knowing exactly where Lois is, he zooms off and rescues her from a fiery death. Meanwhile, Dr. Graham has been brought back to the Spider Lady’s lair where she reveals her copy of the reducer ray machine. However, there are a few final ingredients needed which only Graham knows. After a beating by one of the Spider Lady’s goons, Graham reluctantly agrees to do what he can. However, he needs a supply of an element called mono-chromite to complete the job. Graham writes down the formula and a few of the baddies are dispatched to find a chemical engineer to process it.

The goons pay a visit to Frederick Larkin – Chemical Engineer (as proclaimed by the sign outside his office door) to get the mono-chromite. When Larkin checks his supply index, the card tells him that this is a restricted chemical and that the authorities should be called if anyone comes looking for it. So, of course, he doesn’t call the authorites…he calls Perry White at the Daily Planet!?! 

White dispatches Clark Kent to go look into things, but when Lois overhears this, she plots to delay Clark and get the scoop herself. Clark gets a random phone call as he starts to leave, so while he’s distracted Lois hides Clark’s hat and then grabs Jimmy and hurries out while Clark is stuck on the phone. On the way out the door, she tells the secretary to report to the cops that her car has been stolen. She then proceeds to take the company car that Clark needs. Clark, after getting off the phone and finding his hat, sees them speeding off. He shouts that he needs that car and Lois then tosses him the keys to her car. So, a few miles down the road, the cops see a “stolen” car driving by and, of course, pull over poor Clark. The poor sap even gets hauled off to prison while the matter is straightened out. Long story short…Lois sucks.

When Lois and Jimmy show up at Larkin’s office, they hatch a plan to nab the bad guys. They have Jimmy hide in the container that supposedly holds the mono-chromite. When the crooks show up, Lois hides in the closet while Jimmy is tucked away in the trunk. But silly Lois left her purse on Larkin’s desk, so the goons quickly find her hiding. They then lock her in Larkin’s chemical vault. Meanwhile, at the prison, Clark changes to Superman and busts out. He zooms off to rescue Lois, just as she is running out of air. She then tells Superman about Jimmy and the truck. Good thing, too, since the crooks have noticed Jimmy’s presence. Will Superman rescue Jimmy before the crooks pump him full of lead? You’ll have to wait until next time to find out.

You’ve heard about logic being thrown out the window, right? Well in this chapter forget about the window, logic has been tied to a 50-ton weight and dropped into the ocean! The big problem here is this chemical engineer, Frederick Larkin. This guy displays a level of intelligence that indicates he shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near a box of LEGOs, let alone dangerous chemicals! When his little recipe card indicates that he should call the authorities when anyone asks for mono-chromite what does he do? He calls the press! Dude, call the FBI or the Metropolis PD…even calling the dog catcher would make more sense than calling Perry fricking White! Then, this so-called chemical engineer goes right along with Lois and Jimmy’s lame-brained scheme of hiding Jimmy in the trunk. Jimmy explains that this is a good plan because the crooks won’t be able to give them the slip. He will be able to see exactly where they are going. Except that you’re inside a trunk with no way to see out!?!

While Jimmy and Larkin have their share of head-scratching moments in this chapter, it’s Lois who takes the taco when it comes to stupid decisions. I mean, it’s well established that she is a bit of a whinny schemer. Heck, there’s a scene in this chapter where she practically stomps her feet and cries at Perry White for giving a story to Clark and not her. That’s kind of pathetic, but it’s downright criminal what she does next. She has a hapless secretary file a false police report about her car being stolen, knowing that it could land her co-worker in prison. Not only is that illegal, but I think a meeting with the Daily Planet’s HR department is in order.

On the bright side, we do get some nice Superman moments in this one. The opening resolution to the last chapter’s cliffhanger is solid. Like we said before, the flames raging all around Lois look dangerous. It’s also fun to see Superman bending bars to escape from prison. I do wish the prison escape was a bit more dramatic, but I realize there wasn’t a whole lot of time for it in this over-stuffed chapter. We also get to see x-ray vision put to use again when Supes saves Lois from the chemical vault.

The cliffhanger we get is pretty decent. The goons start blasting their guns at the crate in which Jimmy is hiding. We’re led to believe the poor guy’s been turned to swiss cheese! Will the next chapter begin with Jimmy’s bullet-ridden corpse flopping out of the trunk? I think you know better than that. Find out for sure next time as we look at chapter 12 – Blast in the Depths!

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