The Renegade Ranger

One thing that is fun about looking at forgotten films is those times when you see iconic film stars in some not-so-iconic films. 1938’s The Renegade Ranger was a vehicle for popular B-western star George O’Brien. Appearing with him, though, was a young man named Tim Holt, who would go on to star in many... Continue Reading →

S.O.S. Tidal Wave

There is a phrase that has entered into the lexicon in recent years that has got everyone all worked up. You know what I’m talking about...fake news. Now, you’d think this was something new, but our film today is going to show us that even back in 1939 this was a problem. Though this goes... Continue Reading →


Movies and TV shows are just full of all sorts of ordinary people who take it upon themselves to solve crimes. Don’t worry about pesky things like rule of law or chain of long as we’ve got little old ladies who write murder mysteries, or meddling kids who drive around in psychedelic vans with... Continue Reading →

The Girl from Mexico

I love it when I discover a film series that I’ve never heard of before. That happened a few months ago when reading up on some other classic films I saw a mention of actress Lupe Velez, star of the Mexican Spitfire series of films. I’d never heard of this series, but between 1939 and... Continue Reading →

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