Jupiter’s Darling

When it comes to Roman epics, I usually figure they are going to be big productions full of battles and bloodshed. Underwater musical numbers are not usually on the docket. However, for the 1955 Cinemascope spectacle Jupiter’s Darling, the star is Esther Williams. She’s gonna get we at some point. Heck, she could’ve starred in... Continue Reading →

The Cry Baby Killer

The Cry Baby Killer, released in 1958, is one of those films that is mentioned from time to time but that very few people have actually seen. It has one big claim to fame, it is the film debut of one Jack Nicholson. We always say that everyone has to start somewhere, but in this... Continue Reading →

Strategic Air Command

Living here in Colorado, the Air Force is a big deal for us. I drive past a pretty large Air Force base on my way to work every day, and just about 60 miles to the south is the Air Force Acaemy in Colorado Springs. Back when today’s film was released, the Air Force still... Continue Reading →

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