The Mole People

A few years ago our family summer vacation took us to New Mexico where we took in Carlsbad Caverns National Park. We do the National Park thing a lot...they’re cheap. While it was an amazing sight, I admit I always get a wee bit uncomfortable going into caves. I’ve probably seen too many movies where... Continue Reading →

Legend of the Lost

It was John Wayne’s birthday a few days ago. The Duke would’ve been 109 years old. Of course, Wayne is primarily known for his roles in westerns, and this is an area of my film knowledge that has never been as strong as others. For this I often get a little grief from my wife.... Continue Reading →

Top Banana

I grew up on reruns of many classic TV shows, but to this day I have never seen an episode of The Phil Silvers Show...or Bilko, as it was sometimes known. Yet Silvers was a familiar face to me. He made guest appearances on many other shows, from Gilligan’s Island to The Love Boat to... Continue Reading →

Rock, Rock, Rock!

In 1956 rock ‘n roll was the new thing and teenagers wanted more of it! They wanted it on their record players, in the jukebox, on television, and, of course, on movie screens. It wasn’t even important to have much of a long as the film featured a bunch of new rock acts, kids... Continue Reading →

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