Forgotten Filmcast Episode 159: The Valley of Gwangi

The new episode of the Forgotten Filmcast is here, and it's got cowboys versus dinosaurs! What more could you ask for!? Todd is joined this time by James Wilson from Blogging by Cinema Light to discuss the 1969 Ray Harryhausen effects spectacular The Valley of Gwangi. Download the Show:iTunesPodomatic Show Notes:Blogging by Cinema Light Music:"Protofunk"... Continue Reading →


According to the 1968 film Hellfighters, the oil industry is pretty dangerous. Here we thought it was all just drinking each other’s milkshakes. Apparently, oil is pretty dang flammable, who knew? In fact, the smallest thing can spark massive oil fires that just burn and burn and burn. Who do you call when such things... Continue Reading →

Forgotten Filmcast Episode 144: Gay Purr-ee

The new episode of the Forgotten Fillmcast is here! This time, Todd is joined by Tony Coogan from Coog's Reviews to discuss the 1962 animated feature Gay Purr-ee, featuring the voices of Judy Garland and Robert Goulet. Download the Show:iTunesPodomaticYour Listen Show Notes:Coog's Reviews Films Discussed:Gay Purr-eePhantom BoyTwice Upon a Time Music:"Protofunk" Kevin MacLeod ( Continue Reading →

Goliath and the Dragon

Anyone who went to Sunday School when they were young knows the name Goliath. The story of how the young David defeats the evil Philistine giant is one that is often shared with kids. Though, it’s kind of a grisly story for kiddie fare. It’s got decapitation and everything! The bottom line, though, is that... Continue Reading →

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