Some Kind of a Nut

There are certain celebrities who just always seem to have a wholesome image. I’d put Dick Van Dyke in that category; a guy known for squeaky clean sitcoms and family-friendly films. So, it’s a bit strange to see him as a character who does something controversial and bucks the system. I know your mind is... Continue Reading →

The Maltese Bippy

Before TV gave us the likes of Saturday Night Live or SCTV, there was Rowan and Martin’s Laugh-In. I admit, it was a bit before my time. I was almost two years old when the show went off the air, but I did catch up with it years later thanks to Nick and Nite. With... Continue Reading →

The Savage Innocents

With so many different styles of movies out there, I know that there’s one thing that has consumed your mind all these years...the fact that there just aren’t enough eskimo epics out there. I feel you pain, man. Fear not, though, film fans, for today we’re traveling back to the year 1960 for an eskimo... Continue Reading →

The Love God?

When it comes to family friendly classic TV shows, they don’t come much more squeaky clean than The Andy Griffith Show. For me, the man who the series was named for was never the standout player on the show. That honor belonged to Don Knotts as Barney Fife. When Knotts achieved greater stardom thanks to... Continue Reading →

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