Kissin’ Cousins

I’ve never considered myself to be a really big Elvis fan, yet I’ve found that I have a bit of a soft spot for his movies. They are often a very simple premise with some fun songs and a few pretty girls for the King to get sweet on. Often it seems that they just... Continue Reading →

Boy, Did I Get a Wrong Number

The tastes of moviegoers is always changing. Back in the 40’s and 50’s, Bob Hope was a pretty big box office draw. Howerver, his star started to decline in the 60’s and by the time I was a kid in the 70’s he was doing more TV specials than movies. The late 60’s though saw... Continue Reading →

Wild in the Streets

Well kiddos, the election is just about upon us. In just a few hours everyone will be out there trying to cast their ballots. It’s going to be a madhouse! We’re talkin’ tons of people. But imagine how many more people would be in line with you if the voting age were, let’s say,... Continue Reading →

Inspector Clouseau

What happens when a studio has a nice little franchise going but a major player decides they don’t want to return? If you think that’s stopping anyone then you don’t know much about movies. In 1963 Blake Edwards’ The Pink Panther was a big hit with Peter Sellers, who was not the lead character, stealing... Continue Reading →

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