Black Samson

The image of a roaring lion at the start of a movie is not uncommon. Heck, I think it’s fair to say that MGM’s Leo the Lion is the most famous movie logo out there. 1974’s Black Samson is another film that starts with the image of a roaring lion, but it doesn’t have anything... Continue Reading →

Steel Arena

The first car I ever had regular access to as a teenager was my family’s 1978 Pontiac station wagon. When it finally got to the point where it took a lot of work to even get it to run, my father sold it to a guy who wanted it to use in the demolition derby.... Continue Reading →


Late-night cable TV in the 80’s just wouldn’t have been the same without the films of Andy Sidaris. From 1987 to 1994, Sidaris turned out at least one film a year, each featuring his patented formula. You start with a bunch of Playboy playmates cast as highly-skilled secret agents, team them up with some hunky... Continue Reading →


In the mid 80’s, many suburban folks made the switch from station wagons to vans as the preferred method of family transportation. I remember my father doing all sorts of research before purchasing ours. Now, just a few years earlier van culture was something entirely different. Trust me, our family van wasn’t decked out with... Continue Reading →

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