The Boy who could Fly

It’s not easy to be a teen actor. I mean, eventually, you grow up! Some are able to continue acting as adults, and others struggle. Then there are some who just decide that acting isn’t for them. Such was the case with a young actress named Lucy Deakins. I remember that she played the love... Continue Reading →

Making the Grade

I always consider 1984 to be the year that really got the teen movie trend of the 80’s going in a big way. It saw the release of films like The Karate Kid, Revenge of the Nerds, and, most importantly, Sixteen Candles; the directorial debut of 80’s teen movie sage John Hughes. There are, however,... Continue Reading →

The Coca-Cola Kid

Product placement in movies can be a big deal, and it often draws complaints from viewers. When Back to the Future Part II was released in 1989, there was a lot whining about all the products that were prominently featured, although I always thought it was completely appropriate to see future versions of companies like... Continue Reading →

Heaven Help Us

I was a public school kid who spent most of his childhood walking back and forth to school each day. I only got to ride the bus to school for the two years I attended middle school. You had to live a mile and a half from the school to get free bussing and, as... Continue Reading →

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