Traces of Red

Everyone knows that when you hear the name Jim Belushi, you think “Erotic Thrillers.” Said no one ever! Don’t get me wrong, I like Belushi. He and I both grew up in the same neighborhood in the suburbs of Chicago. He’s a hometown boy done good for me. Still, he wouldn’t be my go to... Continue Reading →

The Suburbans

I’ve found that there are some people that like to rag on the suburbs. I get it. It’s easy to say the suburbs are boring, full of cookie-cutter houses that all look the same. I, however, have spent most of my life in the suburbs, so it’s what works for me. I would never, though,... Continue Reading →

Outside Providence

Pop quiz, hotshot. You only get one guess. You’ve got a movie called Outside Providence, so who do you think are the filmmakers responsible? Seriously, this isn’t hard, or should I say “haaaaad.” They don’t know how to pronounce their R’s in that part of the world. Time’s up! Of course, the brothers Peter and... Continue Reading →

Straight Talk

Dolly Parton should’ve been a bigger movie star than she was. Sure, she’s a country music icon, so it’s not like she got the short end of the stick, but I think she brought something special to the limited number of movies she was in. She’s absolutely magnetic in The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas,... Continue Reading →

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