A-Haunting We Will Go

In the 1960’s things were starting to wind down for the era of animated short subjects appearing in theaters. The folks at the Looney Tunes were still making an effort, however. That included continuing the tradition of Halloween-themed shorts featuring some of the classic characters. This time Daffy Duck and Speedy Gonzalez are up against... Continue Reading →

Skeleton Frolic

Walt Disney is the man who got all the fame from the creation of Mickey Mouse, but his chief animator responsible for bringing the lovable rodent to life was Ub Iwerks. For many of Disney’s early animated films, Iwerks was the primary animator. One of his most iconic works, which is very appropriate for this... Continue Reading →

Shiver Me Timbers!

I love the Popeye series of cartoons from the Fleischer Studios. Lest you think that he spent every cartoon battling Bluto, well there were others who experienced the business end of his spinach-fueled fists...including ghosts and ghouls. Of course, the one-eyed sailor is more than a match for any paranormal pests. Case in point, 1934’s... Continue Reading →

The Flying Sorceress

You can always depend on classic cartoons to provide some good Halloween appropriate material. All the great animated characters have had to deal with their fair share of ghosts and goblins at some point. In our film today, Tom and Jerry have to contend with a nasty witch in 1956’s The Flying Sorceress. As usual,... Continue Reading →

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