The Beach Girls and the Monster

There’s nothing quite like a beach party movie! You get to hit the surf with Frankie & Annette and the rest of the gang, plus you usually get a few tunes from the likes of Dick Dale and the Deltones and Little Stevie Wonder. It’s not exactly scary stuff. But what happens when you mix... Continue Reading →

Queen of Outer Space

Everybody knows that space in inhabited with beautiful women, right? Either that or slimy gooey creatures anxious to suck our brains out...those seem to be the go to inhabitants of other planets in movieland. Today we look at one of the most notorious of the beautiful babes in space films, 1958’s “Queen of Outer Space.”... Continue Reading →

Teenagers from Outer Space

Even folks who don’t really pay attention to bad movies know who Ed Wood was.  Johnny Depp played him in a Tim Burton flick, after all.  Not as well-known, but someone with just as unusual a story, is director Tom Graeff.  Graeff only directed two features, the most famous of which is today’s film, 1959’s... Continue Reading →

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