Sugar Hill

When I was in college I had the opportunity to visit New Orleans for the first time. I’ve since been to Louisiana many times and love the atmosphere and unique culture of the state. Though, I do admit, I was a bit creeped out during my first visit seeing a strange practitioner of voodoo skulking... Continue Reading →

Disco Godfather

I can remember being a kid in 1979. There was a great deal of excitement over the fact that we were going to be seeing a change in the calendar. It was going to be the 80’s! As a child something that simple is rather awe-inspiring. I didn’t realize it then, but when it came... Continue Reading →


The so-called blaxploitation genre of the early 70’s was a pretty big box office draw. Under that umbrella there were action films, crime dramas, comedies, and, of course, horror films. With the success that AIP saw with Blacula in 1972, today’s movie was pretty much an inevitability. After all, Universal followed up the success of... Continue Reading →

Friday Foster

Thanks to Quentin Tarantino and his career resurrecting ways, Pam Grier has become a well-known name once again. But if you only know Ms. Grier from “Jackie Brown,” then you don’t know Ms. Grier. She was the queen of 70’s blaxploitation cinema! Today we look at a film in which she starred as a character... Continue Reading →

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