A Bullet for Pretty Boy

Most B-movie fans know the name Larry Buchanan. He’s the director behind such films as “The Eye Creatures,” “Zontar, the Thing from Venus,” “It’s Alive,” and the made for TV classic “Mars Needs Women.” For today’s film, though, Buchanan sets aside the monsters and aliens and instead turns his attention to a famous bank robber.... Continue Reading →

Cop Hater

Next to the word “grizzled” in the dictionary there is a picture of Robert Loggia. He’s just always been the ultimate image of the gruff graying tough guy for me. So it was a bit of a shock to the system to see him as the young handsome, and definitely not gray-haired, detective in 1958’s... Continue Reading →

Cry Tough

I’ve gradually tried to introduce my kids to various classic films. I don’t want them just growing up watching “Kung Fu Panda” all the time. One of the film’s we watched together was “West Side Story,” it’s a Best Picture winner, after all. The original show first hit Broadway in 1957, the movie came in... Continue Reading →

The Big Night

In the movies, people are always finding big wads of money. A buried treasure, some crook's hidden loot, heck, even the boys on “The Brady Bunch” found a wallet with a couple hundred bucks in it while playing football in a vacant lot! The best I ever did was winning tickets to an advance screening... Continue Reading →

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