Recent Guest Appearances

I've been so busy getting things ready for the annual Halloween celebration here at Forgotten Films that I haven't updated my loyal readers on a few recent guest appearances. Let's start with my recent guest spot on the InSession Film Podcast. This was a real treat because it gave me an excuse to go to... Continue Reading →

Recent Guest Appearances

I have neglected to mention a couple of guest appearances I've made on some other web sites and podcasts recently. First, I appeared on a recent episode of The LAMBcast. It was the franchise lookback for the Planet of the Apes series...well, the original five films, at least. It's the perfect thing to listen to... Continue Reading →

Todd Joins the Man I Love Films Gang

Well, I promised some big news this here it is! Starting today, I will be writing the weekly Vintage Vault reviews at Man I Love Films! This feature will be reviews of classic films. The first review is of the Frankie and Annette classic Beach Party. Things won't be changing here at Forgotten Films.... Continue Reading →

Do You Remember Guest Post

I want to point all my loyal readers over to DoYouRemember today! This is a fun pop culture related social networking site. They have just posted another article I wrote...this time it's all about when sitcoms bring in a "Cousin Oliver" to try and up their cuteness factor. I're shocked that I wrote about... Continue Reading →

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