The Brain that Wouldn’t Die

I love “Mystery Science Theater 3000,” but sometimes it ends up doing a disservice to the movie viewing public. There ends up being the assumption that the films featured on the show are the worst of the worst, but that’s not always the case. Today’s film, 1962’s “The Brain that Wouldn’t Die,” was the first... Continue Reading →

The Devil Within Her

After “Rosemary’s Baby” came along in 1968, it opened up a whole world of movies with evil kids. Famously there was “The Omen,” but not-so-famously there was today’s film which features one mean little baby. It’s title sounds like it should be in that little curtained off, “adults only” corner of your local video store...but... Continue Reading →

The Crimson Cult

Hollywood loves “team-ups.” You know, they take two big movie icons and put them together in a movie. I remember when I was a kid a big deal was made of having Clint Eastwood and Burt Reynolds “together at last” in the movie “City Heat.” It ended up bombing. But today’s movie brings together two... Continue Reading →

Die, Monster, Die!

I watch a lot of movies, but there are some that I just have no desire to see. I’ve mentioned before how I am not a fan of real icky gory splatter fests. That being said, I’ve pretty much avoided H.P Lovecraft adaptations like “Re-Animator” and “From Beyond.” But, I did decide to tackle the... Continue Reading →

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