Minnie the Moocher

The title of today’s film does not seem like it fits in a Halloween series. It’s a Betty Boop cartoon from 1932 called Minnie the Moocher. You may recognize that as the title of the signature song for singer Cab Calloway. Most likely you’ve at least seen his performance of the song in The Blues... Continue Reading →

All the Colors of the Dark

Just last night I had a pretty scary nightmare. Most people wouldn’t consider it a nightmare, but to me it was. I dreamt that I was back in college trying to find my dorm room and scared out of my mind that I wouldn’t fit in with the others on my floor. All the fears... Continue Reading →

Return to Horror High

High school was a common setting for movies in the late 80’s, which was perfect for me since I was in high school at the time. Of course, high school can be a scary place, so it figures that it would become the setting for an 80’s horror film. Nope, Ferris Bueller doesn’t wear a... Continue Reading →

Frightday the 13th

Though I’m primarily focusing on horror films throughout October, occasionally I like to take a moment to focus on some films that, while not scary, certainly tie in to Halloween. So I thought it was about time for a visit from the world’s friendliest ghost...Casper. His films are often forgotten today, but I have fond... Continue Reading →

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