House of Dark Shadows

I remember there being a time in my childhood where my mother regularly watched soap operas. General Hospital was the one she watched the most. It was the whole Luke & Laura phase of the show. There were no vampires, that I remember, on that show. However, from 1966 to 1971, ABC broadcast Dark Shadows,... Continue Reading →

Little Witches

I grew up going to public school, as did most of the kids I knew. However, peppered throughout the neighborhood there were a few kids who went to Catholic school. Not to make harsh generalizations, but in my personal experiences these were some of the worst kids I ever encountered. Several of them rode the... Continue Reading →

Walt Sent Me Episode 16: The Others

Our podcasts will be focusing on Halloween appropriate material all this month. We begin with the latest episode of Walt Sent Me. Todd and Kristen discuss the 2001 Dimension Films release The Others, as well as Disney's classic spooky short, 1929's The Skeleton Dance. Download the Show: iTunes Podomatic Your Listen Show Notes: Inside Out... Continue Reading →

Beverly Hills Vamp

I often hear people marvel over how Woody Allen continues to write and direct a new movie pretty much every year. For most filmmakers it’s a good two or three years between films, but there’s a year, every year. But that’s nuthin’ compared to Fred Olen Ray. He’s directed horror films, action, comedies, kids... Continue Reading →

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