Neon Maniacs

In 80’s horror films we were dealing with a lot of characters that one could describe as “maniacs.” You know, like the machete wielding, hockey mask-wearing variety. Or maybe you prefer the type that possesses a children’s toy and goes on a murderous rampage, or some like the type that wear masks made of human... Continue Reading →


Sure we usually think of horror films as being stories about things like zombies, or vampires, or some sort of paranormal nastiness. But we also have a whole other category of horror films about animals that attack. Jaws is probably the most famous example. The Steven Spielberg blockbuster spawned a ton of other films about... Continue Reading →

Full Moon High

In the 70’s and 80’s one of the big names in B-movies was Larry Cohen. He was known for a wide variety of movies, including blaxploitation films like Black Caesar and Hell up in Harlem, giant monster movies like Q, and all three chapters of the It’s Alive series of monster baby movies. In our... Continue Reading →

Chamber of Horrors

Over the years there have been some movies that featured strange gimmicks. Some like 3-D were a big deal, then went away, and then came back again. A bit weirder, though, were things like seats that shocked the audience, life insurance policies to protect viewers from death by fright, and even scratch-and-sniff cards that allowed... Continue Reading →

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